PPC Advertising

Grow your business online with measurable advertising campaigns

Acquire qualified traffic to your website through paid advertising campaigns (pay per click) on search engines with GoogleAds or on major social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.
With an online advertising campaign, you can immediately reach a profiled and target audience with your offer.

Together we choose the ad model, the message and the creativity most suitable to generate concrete results by increasing the sales of your product or the number of customers interested in using it.

A visual representation of PPC ads

Let’s study together the strategy, the message and the most suitable creativity to generate concrete results by increasing the sales of your product or the number of customers interested in using it.

Get results now by bringing interested users directly to your website through specific keyword and intent and optimize your campaign to save on cost.

Our solutions

PPC Online Advertising

Campaign Planning

We identify the target of the campaign, the keywords, the message we want to deliver and the best ad medium to do it

PPC Campaign Management

We manage your PPC campaigns on GoogleAds, Facebook, LinkedIn

Campaign Optimization

We analyze the performance of the ads to identify opportunities to improve

Online advertising

Custom solutions to advertise your business, no matter its sizes

We manage your advertising campaigns in a professional way and take care of every aspect of them. We start by planning a strategy and the tone of the communication, we choose the most suitable creativity, the right message and we select the most appropriate channel.

We monitor every aspect of the campaign in order to reduce the cost of acquisition as much as possible and increase profit and the number of conversions.

How to setup a PPC campaign

Plan a strategy

We study the company, the brand or products to be sponsored and above all the role that the pay per click campaign plays in the overall marketing strategy and what its objectives are.

We analyze the specific sector and identify the most suitable network in which to promote our message. We identify the target of people to whom we turn and we develop a suitable and consistent communication strategy from the moment they see the ad until they convert.


We develop the campaign based on the strategic lines previously collected. We search for the most appropriate keywords and create ads that are relevant to users in the various contexts they browse.


Forse cercavi: Monitoriamo e ottimizziamo l’andamento di ogni campagna in modo costante, per garantire un ROI (Ritorno dell’Investimento) sempre maggiore.
We monitor and optimize the performance of each campaign in a constant manner, to guarantee an ever increasing ROI (Return on Investment).

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